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    Romaner - Novels
  Sun- evening

  Close to midnight

  Swinging Light

  That sweet little dog

  Written in white

  Calm corner

  Watching it

  Highway - night

    Portræt - Portrait
  A man who is crawling

  Portræt af et gammelt nokkefår. Portrait of an old  nitwit,

  Le déjeuner sur l`herbe - paraphrase

  Caravaggio painting

  Forever and a little further

    Regnmalerier - Rainpaintings

  On the rain road

  Ghost rain

  Rain riddle

  Heavy rain

  Rain silhouette

  Rain message

  Nothing but rain

    Musik - Music
  Sleep well melody

  Around music

  Sophisticated sentence

  Good morning Mr. ?

  Pleasant habit


  Whistling sonata

  Some music



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